Skating in winter survival guide

Skating in winter survival guide

Skating in the winter can be a little tricky, but it's definitely doable. Just be prepared for it to take a bit longer for your muscles to warm up in the cold and for falls to hurt a little more. Plus, there's always a higher risk of injuries when Skating on concrete that's icy and slippery. But don't worry, we've got a survival guide that'll help you navigate the cold winter days and minimise your risk of injuries. Happy skating!

Indoor Skateparks

If you are looking for a spot to shred during the winter, look no further. Indoor Skateparks are the way to go. They're popping up all over the place, so you're bound to find one near you. These indoor facilities are the best, they've got everything you need and the community of Skaters there is tight. So don't worry about the cold weather, just head to an indoor Skatepark and shred away.



Parking Garages

You know where else is a great spot to Skate during the winter? Parking garages! You can find them in just about every city. They're perfect because they'll save you from the windchill and they're usually a bit warmer than outside. Just keep in mind that most parking garages are under surveillance, whether it's a guard at the entrance or cameras, so there's good times and bad times to Skate there. But if you pick the right time, you'll be good to go!

Practise at home or in your garage 

Alexis Sablone, for instance, is now an Olympic Skateboarder who started by skating in her garage because there was no one to Skate with in her small town. Even if space is tight, you can get creative and create a couple of obstacles.

Carpets are also great to practise Skateboarding, there are many videos of Skateboarders using a piece of carpet to land an ollie. Carpet boarding is a great way to practise technical flat ground tricks.



What Do You Wear When Skateboarding In The Cold?

When Skateboarding in the cold it’s important to wear several layers, with warm socks and gloves. For the most comfort, wear long sleeves with a Thrasher Hoodie and jacket, along with warm wool socks, elbow and Knee Pads.

Layering is a crucial part of this as your body will change temperature as you Skateboard. When you first start the session you’ll likely be pretty darn cold, but as you start popping a few tricks your body will gradually warm up. Eventually, you can lose the jacket or hoodie and feel comfortable Skating in just a long sleeve.



Practice on a Balance Board

Using a balance board for Skateboarding helps in the coordination of all body parts. Since Skateboarders tend to use their whole bodies when Skateboarding, this is an ideal practice concept for keeping all muscles in tune with one another.