Looking at our huge range of childrens skateboards can be a little daunting, we would like to make sure you are choosing the correct board which will both fit the skaters style, and more importantly the skaters needs. For kids aged 5-10, we would recommend going for a mini skateboard, this is slightly smaller in size and width. The benefits to going for a mini board would be; it will be lighter making it easier to carry, skate and eventually perform tricks on. It will be smaller and narrower making it much easier for the younger skater to manage and should help them progress a lot quicker and most importantly feel the most comfortable when skating. For skaters aged 10+ we would recommend a full size board. The benefits to this include more surface area to move around when on the board, making it easier to both maintain balance when skating and catch your balance when landing tricks. Although, size on 'full size' board doesn't really vary too much, width can differ greatly. Ultimately, the choice will be based on personal preference, but we recommend beginners choose a board that is between 7.75" and 8.0" in width. This will provide a nice balance between stability and weight; this should also suit most sizes of feet.

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