Shop our sizeable kids scooter section and find lots of cool kids scooters for children of all ages. Investing in a child scooter can teach your children great balancing skills while making the school run fun! Get a quality scooter that will last the school runs, trips to the park and hours of play outside. Our collection stretches from scissor, fliker and suitcase scooters, to nippy two-wheelers and kid electric scooters too. Beginner scooters are built more for balance - we recommend our range of three-wheel scooters for toddlers just starting out. If you’re shopping for older kids who are ready to get their zoom on, check out our electric scooters for kids. Our extensive range covers scooters from top brands like JD Bug, Madd Gear Pro, Y-Volution, Globber and Razor. Use the price, age and colour filters to find the best scooter for your child. Feel free to contact our friendly support team for help and advice. Get Free Delivery on all orders over £40.

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