At Skatehut, we believe your skates should be an extension of your personality. Whether you choose cool plimsoles or retro inspired designs, your skates reflect your style. That’s why we have a range of brightly coloured and printed quad skate wheels, so you can customise your skates. We stock quad roller skate wheels from your favourite brands. Sold in packs of four, this means you can update your skates in minutes with our selection of designs and colours. From Rio Roller light-up styles and SFR flashing wheels, to neon Reckless roller derby wheels and Sims Street roller skate styles, you can find a design you love. To revamp your skates, choose two identical designs for effortless style, or select different quad roller skate wheels to add fun and flair. No matter which you choose, spend more than £40 on your order today and your quad skate wheels will qualify for free delivery.

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