Get everything you need to start an adventure with our range of scooter bundles! With our range of bundles you’re all set for any venture. Here at SkateHut our scooter bundles come with a complete scooter, a helmet and pads. You’ll have everything that your child needs to be safe and secure while out on the streets or at the park. Our kids’ scooter bundles are top of the range and feature world-leading brands such as Grit, MGP (Madd Gear Pro) and Blunt & Envy. With such a wide range of styles and sizes available, our range of scooter bundles cover children of every age. You can browse our full range online today and can use the filters on the left-hand-side of the page to narrow down your search. Filter by price, brand, colour or age. Order now and get Next Day Delivery!

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