Update your skate gear with Heelys. The latest and best way to get around on two feet. Go from walk to wheels in seconds with Heelys shoes, that let you glide around the streets in style. Whether you are looking for Heelys for girls or boys Heelys, we stock a huge selection of sizes, styles and accessories to suit your needs and budget.

Stay on trend with skate shoes that are out of this world. Relieve kids boredom or even have a little fun of your own with adult Heelys, footwear that makes getting from A to B a blast. Whether you are looking for Heelys in your favourite colour or laces and graffiti wheels to customise your own pair, we stock a range of accessories that are bang on trend.

Heelys shoes are everything you love about skate shoes but with that little bit extra. These trailblazing shoes are the ultimate fashion and function hybrid. You can change from walking to skating in seconds with these fun and incredibly stylish Heelys skate shoes. Choose from a wide selection of styles and brands, such as Reebok Heelys and Heelys Pop. You are sure to find the right pair for you within our Heelys UK online skate store.



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  • How to use Heelys?

    Heelys are a super easy way to speed up your step in one easy switch of balance, and not to mention being one of the most popular pair of Skate Shoes on the market. For maximum stability, place your feet staggered apart. With one foot in front of the other while remaining parallel, transition the weight of your heel and raise the ball of your foot in the air. We recommend a slight run up into this position helps achieve maximum traction into your glide. With the added support of a second wheel, Heelys X2 offer an easier beginner style with a little more security.

    The regular Heelys one wheel model offers maximum speed capabilities as well as more freedom of movement by allowing for more lift. To brake in your Heelys, we recommend allowing yourself to naturally slow before leaning into a jog slowing down to a walk. We do not recommend leaning back on your heels further to slow down as this is misuse and will damage the shoe over time. Heelys are a great easy alternative to get around on wheels without the use of a Skateboard or Scooter.

  • How to use Heelys?

    Heelys start at a Junior size 11 and Heelys officially advise their products for 5 years and up. There are two types of Heelys designed to suit the user. The Heelys X2 is generally recommended for younger users and beginners whereas the one wheel Heelys are for more competent or older users.

    The X2 Model offers a little more stability and security being closer to the ground and make it easier to fall into a neutral walking position. The single wheel version has advanced freedom of movement on less surface area. This allows for a higher foot raise which enhances speed ability. Heelys can be enjoyed by users of all ages with their new increased sizing now going up to an adults UK 12. You’re never too young or too old to jump into Heelys.

  • Are 1 or 2 wheel Heelys better?

    There are two types of Heelys to suit users. The Heelys X2 model is generally recommended towards younger users and beginners. These start at a Junior size 11 and we would generally advise Heelys as being for 5 years and up. The double wheel is more beneficial for smaller feet with the second wheel providing a little extra support further into the foot as well as extra floor traction.

    The back wheel is slightly larger than the front which helps balance the rider into the correct Heely position, while also providing that extra support. The single wheel model has a larger wheel which offers the user the ability to be further off the floor and allows for greater speed in your glide. The two wheeled option is a versatile choice in terms of being able to remove the smaller wheel to become a single wheel version when the user is comfortable and ready.