Whatever your style or preference of Skate Shoes, SkateHut has you covered. Browse a wide range of men’s Skate Shoes in our online store today. To get the most out of your Skateboarding, you should really consider what Skate Shoes you require. You need Skate Shoes when you ride your Skateboard often and want to learn tricks. Whether you’re looking for a pair of classic Vans slip ons, a flashy pair of Nike SB, or a reliable pair of DC Shoes, we’ve got them all. Your shoes are important for both style and practicality.

Why wear Skate Shoes over normal shoes? Regular shoes will not give you as much ‘board feel’ and give you less control over your Skateboard. Skateboard Shoes are designed for Skateboarding and are more durable and provide more grip. That is why we stock a wide range of men’s Skater Shoes. Vans, for example, came up with the waffle pattern sole to provide maximum grip. Many of our shoes have insole technology, that can withstand a lot of impact. Some shoes even have metal or plastic rings that prevent the lace holes from tearing.

We have a range of high to low top Skate Shoes. High-tops for ankle protection. If your board has a bit of razor tail, high-tops protect your ankles and heels from sharp edges. Low-tops for more freedom of movement, and mid-tops for something in between. We sell a wide range of Skate Shoes from all your favourite brands, including DC, Vans, Emerica, Etnies and Nike SB. Choose the style, colour and design to suit you best. Be sure to use the shop filters to help narrow your search. Browse SkateHut’s selection of men’s Skate Shoes and find some great deals today.


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  • Are Puma Shoes good for skating?

    Puma Suede became a favourite amongst the Skate community thanks to its renowned longevity. Suede composite is far more durable than canvas, so it’s always better that where you trick is suede.  In the run up to the Tokyo 2020 Games Skate debut, Puma unleashed the C-Skate Vulc trainer. The newest addition to their Skate style collection boasts the same flexible grip sole and arch support you can rely on Puma for.

    Designed as a reflection of the cool, easy-going charm of Skateboarding culture that incorporates the latest in modern comfort and cushioning technology. Attention to detail is key with Puma Skate, the grippy and flexible sole also allows for appreciable arch support. The low profile design allows for free range of motion and its simplistic design allows for great contact between the outsole and board.

  • Are Air Force Skater Shoes?

    Nike Air Force has become more commonly spotted at the Skatepark in recent years. The Basketball classic’s popularity boost can be narrowed down to its comfort factor. More traditional Skate Trainers are flat soled for maximum board feel, although the newer generations of Skaters gravitate towards the thicker cushion sole.

    The tapered wedge of the Air Force allows for more bounce and comfort when landing from your board. The reaction time can be decreased due to the lack of board feel with the thickness, but the added support means you can Skate safer, for longer. The only downside to be aware of with this is the lack of board feel, the reaction time for these can be lacking as a shoe designed for impact rather than footwork.

  • Are Skate Shoes Good for Walking?

    Cupsole Skateboard shoes are the best for walking. The Best Skate shoes are great all rounders and come in two main types, Cupsole and Vulcanised. This refers to how the different rubber types on the shoe are manufactured. Cupsole Mens Skate shoes are a thicker, more durable option due to it not being cooked onto the sole.

    The Vulcanised sole is softer and thinner due to being placed on the shoe at high temperature. Especially designed for the extreme, Skate shoes UK are versatile and are great daily walkers. Vans, for example, came up with the waffle pattern sole to provide maximum grip when riding. Reinforced insole technology allows Skating shoes to withstand harsh impacts. This makes them a reliable companion no matter where you go.