Are you searching for the ultimate ride? Looking for a way to upgrade your skateboard for the smoothest and most accurate turns? Here at Skatehut, our range of skateboard bushings has exactly what you need, to help you get the best performance from your board. Whether you’re looking to increase resistance to master complex tricks, or a more relaxed ride for effortless cruising, skate bushings can make all the difference. Select from low profile or standard profile bushings, in hard and soft finishes, to improve the response of your trucks. Then use our skateboard tools to tighten or loosen skate bushings as required. At Skatehut, we know you care about your board’s style and performance. That’s why we have expert staff on hand to help. If you’re unsure which firmness or profile is right for you, then talk to our team on live chat about skateboard bushings, to get the advice you need.

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